Sync In

ChannelCon, PartnerSummit, & EMEA 2024
The theme “Sync In” is about immersion; emerging from a fusion of two ideas: syncing data and sinking into a current of water. Syncing has us imagine the digital world linking people together and exchanging information, forming a community that’s plugged in to build a database of information and support. Water currents capture the energy of the conventions through themes of immersion, flow state, and forward movement. Utilizing the resurgent Y2K design style, this theme’s design aesthetic inspiration represents structural synergy, technological connection, and the energy of change. The project goal was the conception and execution of a flexible multi-conference theme based on togetherness and the energy of in-person events.
Designed at 97 Switch | 2023

Creative Direction: Annika Ballestro

Design: Annika Ballestro

Naming & Concept: Annika Ballestro

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